Celebration of
Scholars in Aging

The Sanford Center for Aging hosted the 2019 Celebration of Scholars in Aging Thursday, May 2 at the Joe Crowley Student Union. The annual event honors graduating gerontology certificate and minor students and celebrates the service and contributions of geriatric fellows. Heather Haslem, Sanford Center for Aging wellness director, served as the event’s keynote speaker.

Sanford Center Scholars in aging members

Row 1: Azucena Ledezma Rubio ’18 (community health sciences); Carly Roth ’19 (community health sciences); Regina Adamoli; Ciera Talseth ’19 (community health sciences); Elisabeth Rond ’19 (speech pathology); Elvina Darmawan; Carmen Hua;

Row 2: Jordanne Taylor Peña ’19 (community health sciences); Cynthia Cesa ’19 (community health sciences); Jenna Piekarski ’19 (community health sciences); Camille Mary Iannacchione; Heather Haslem, Sanford Center for Aging wellness director; Row 3: Peter Reed, Ph.D., MPH, Sanford Center for Aging director; Bailey Gosse; Erin Heenan ’19 (community health sciences); Alisa Lego ’19 (speech pathology); Darion Vallerga (community health sciences); Jennifer Carson, Ph.D., Gerontology Academic Program director.

Not pictured: Jorge Arambula ’18 (community health sciences); Herah Ashraf ’18 (community health sciences); Paige Aster; Amber Brown ’19 (speech pathology); Vivian Ashley Cacatian ’19 (community health sciences); Karina Castro ’19 (community health sciences); Jessica Codde ’19 (community health sciences); Jennifer Marshall ’19 (psychology); Mehanaz Oyshi ’18 (speech pathology); Elena Paputsidis ’18 (psychology); Kiri Kajari Rao ’19 (speech pathology); J’Naey Soule ’19 (community health sciences); Emily R. Steelman ’19 (speech pathology); Monica Rose Walsh ’18 (psychology); Julius Young ’18 (community health sciences).

Photo: Brin Reynolds