Mentors in Medicine

Fostering lasting connections betweenUNR Med and Hug High School students

By Haviva Kobany, Abrianna Robles, Charles Ronkon and Molly Svendsen

Mentors in Medicine, a health care mentorship program, was founded at Hug High School in 2018 by University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine students Haviva Kobany and Molly Svendsen. Mentors in Medicine connects University medical students with high schoolers in Hug’s Health Science Academy – a health care career pipeline program – providing exposure to various medical topics and fostering lasting relationships between the mentors and mentees.

This year, first-year medical student leaders Abrianna Robles and Charles Ronkon continued the mentorship program with Mrs. Foley’s freshman class, while second-year leaders Haviva and Molly collaborated with high school seniors engaged in the health care program.

Each medical student partners with one high school student. They are encouraged to exchange contact information and periodically check-in with each other to discuss questions about career exploration, college, high school or when they just need some extra support. UNR Med students visit Hug two to three times per semester to engage in fun lunchtime workshops. Topics range from discussing medical ethical controversies to learning how to read X-rays, from understanding more complex diagnoses to suturing clinics, and much more. The goal is to continue the student- led program for as long as possible and making it more engaging each year.

Mentors in Medicine is equally rewarding for the medical students and the high school students. Many UNR Med and Hug students have expressed that they really look forward to each visit, and the relationships are something they value, especially during such a dynamic time in their lives. At the end of each workshop, the smiles and laughter that fill the room make the mentorship program a priceless part of all the students’ educational experience.

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