Class Updates

Class of 2020 | Third Years

The Class of 2020 has worked diligently toward building our careers and acquiring vital clinical skills. As we approach the end of our third year, we look forward to what the near future holds. In light of Match Day, we can’t believe we will be attending our own Match Day festivities next spring. We are beyond excited for the Class of 2019, inspired by their accomplishments as we forge ahead in our journeys. Thankfully, the resilience of our class and the vitality we receive connecting outside of the hospital boost our energy levels. These valuable, energy-positive interactions remind us how important the journey itself is, and not to focus on the destination.

Our class members are leaders, many involved in a number of national organizations. Our devoted president, Misha Fotoohi, is leading the way in curriculum changes and advocating for our class at every turn. Many classmates beautifully balance med school and family, including two fathers on the curriculum committee. Several of us have traveled to regional and national conferences. Our research is ongoing in the fields of dermatology, family medicine, cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, anemia and global health, among many other areas.

As we plan our fourth year to accommodate the experiences that will best prepare us for our respective futures, we are proud to have classmates interested in virtually every field, hoping to match in emergency medicine, family medicine, internal medicine, surgery and even forensic pathology. We may be busier than ever, but we are thriving and looking forward to our glorious fourth year.

– Patrick Mullet

Class of 2021 | Second Years

The end of year two marks the halfway point on our journey to becoming doctors. Our class has finished all 10 blocks of our medical curriculum, completed the second Comprehensive Basic Science Exam (CBSE) and now, we dedicate our time to preparing for our first Step exams. In addition to all this studying, we’ve been fine tuning our clinical skills. The Advanced Clinical Skills course has taught us about the various clerkships we will encounter in our third year of medical school and how patient rounding works.

In January, many of us participated in the Nevada Academy of Family Physicians (NAFP) Conference in South Lake Tahoe, California. Nathan Escorial, Justin Hacnik, Kiran Mathew, Samantha Carson and Morgan Clancy presented posters at this conference. We’ve officially placed the Student Outreach Clinic into the hands of next year’s second year students, who were elected into qualifying roles and trained on the various duties of their positions. After providing the Class of 2022 with six weeks of shadowing, the Class of 2021 has moved on to prepare for Step 1.

While we reflect on how far we’ve come, we look forward to the numerous opportunities waiting for us in our third year.

– Nathan Escorial

Class of 2022| First Years

As our first year of medical school comes to a close, we reflect on the ways we’ve grown as med students and individuals. We have just wrapped up Block 3 – exploring the GI, endocrine and reproductive systems – and are preparing ourselves for the upcoming musculoskeletal and nervous system blocks, said to be the hardest part of year one.

Our class’ American Medical Association chapter took a trip to Carson City on Feb. 25 for the Nevada State Medical Association’s “Nevada Physicians’ Day at the Legislature.” We had the opportunity to work with current physicians and lobbyists and talk to state legislators, advocating for a number of issues, including provisions governing the practice of optometry, treatment of sexual assault victims in emergency rooms and death with dignity. The day at the legislature allowed us to get involved in local and state government and connect with the legislators who represent us.

Seventeen classmates participated in a weeklong, immersive educational program at the Betty Ford Center. By working closely with physicians, patients and families, attendees learned about addiction treatment for substance use disorders.

But Carson City and the Palm Desert aren’t the only things the Class of 2022 has taken over this year. Recently, our class was trained to take over the Student Outreach Clinic from the previous second year medical students. While the next year will present a number of new challenges, there is no doubt the Class of 2022 will navigate year two with grace and agility.

– Steven Chacko